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The colours of our office and the theory behind them

It’s long been recognised that colour can affect one’s mood which is why we’ve thought long and hard about the shades used in our space.

So for all you colour theorists and Goethe purists here’s a little guide as to the palette we have chosen for our interior and why…



Often associated with new beginnings, white is the colour of perfection, purity, and completion. A blank canvas, opening the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive.


A vibrant and mentally stimulating colour, orange is a sociable colour perfect for getting people to think or to talk. A combination of red and yellow it denotes strength, warmth and energy.


A neutral colour, grey offers balance and cool clear thinking. It seldom evokes strong emotion, ideal for when grey matter needs to find clarity.


The colour of life, of nature, green is calming and harmonious. It is often associated with protection, being given the permission to proceed and, of course, money.


A universal favourite, blue is friendly, authoritative, peaceful, and trustworthy – the perfect colour to promote collaboration and business success.


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