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Successful First Showing for Eastleigh Visual Artist’s Video Exhibition

Shells, an exhibition by Eastleigh-based Visual Artist James Paddock, which explores ideas of mental health, reality and social boundaries, has had a successful first showing.

a short video of shells exhibition

The exhibition was on display between the 19th and 24th of April at The Sorting Office’s Production House in Eastleigh, where it saw a steady flow of people, with a busy private viewing and final night.

The exhibit consisted of two video installations, The first of which, called “Blinds”, featured a film projected onto venetian blinds of an older man played by experienced actor Dean Kilby, and a young girl, played by Hatti Gotobed of Game of Thrones fame, debating the existence and prominence of their societal shells.

The second installation, entitled “Nets” featured inspirational quotes layered over images of prominent figures throughout history who suffered from mental illness, such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Speaking about the installation, James said:

“The exhibition was really well received, I always like introducing people to contemporary art and for people to experience something new in their lives.

“Visual art like ‘Shells’ stops people in their tracks and gets them to engage in or question the subject matter the artwork is posing.

“It’s a kind of an escape from everyday life and a moment to reflect on an area of thought that viewers might not always think about.”

“Bringing a conceptual video installation art to the borough of Eastleigh isn’t without its challenges, some people certainly seemed genuinely surprised to come across the exhibition.

James received funding for the exhibition from Arts Council England, having received support with his application from Eastleigh Borough Council’s Creative Industries Officer.

One of the installations, Blinds, will be exhibited at UCA Farnham to be exhibited from the 7th – 15th June 2017, before going to an exhibition space opposite the O2 arena in London.

To see more of James’ work, visit www.jamespaddock.net

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