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Quirk! Successfully Funded

Quirk! the ice-breaking interpretation game designed and developed by Emmerse Studios, has successfully been funded on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign, which was intended to fund an initial product run of 100 copies of the game, smashed its target of £750, reaping in over 200% of its stated aim.


The game, which entails building up sets of 3 ‘quirks’ by winning them off of other players through raucous impressions, has proven a hit, with both children and adults alike praising the game’s ability to break boundaries and bring out the silliness in its participants.

The hilarious nature of the game was summarised perfectly by Tec Hub member Nick Parton’s quote:

“Quirk! uses the cunning device of mutual humiliation to break the ice… and it works! It’s endlessly amusing to look someone, whose quirks you callously wish to steal, in the eye and trumpet like an elephant…”

The game was also reviewed by games review YouTube channel Games, Deck & Dice:


Emmerse Studios’ Quirk! will soon be available to pre-order. Sign up to the mailing list in order not to miss out!



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