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Getting visitors to your website using Google Adwords

June 16th 2015, 10am to 1pm.

Adwords can be a cost effective way of attracting visitors to your website but it can also be a way of wasting advertising budget.  This course will look at how to set up an Adwords campaign correctly but as importantly how to monitor it to ensure you get a good return on your advertising spend.

Using Adwords gives you total control over how much you pay for visitors, the advertising message they see and the information you direct them too.  When all three are optimised then it means more high quality visitors, more enquiries, more sales.

Adwords has become an increasingly complex product so this short course will look at making sure you stay in control and are not spending money on traffic that is never going to turn into customers.  Adwords is as much about not attracting the wrong traffic as about attracting the right visitors.

We shall focus on

  • Keywords – which keywords will bring in good quality traffic and how to use negative keywords to exclude low quality visitors
  • Advertising message – how to write compelling ads
  • How much to spend – on individual keyword bids, on the whole campaign
  • Landing pages – the page on your website that your ad directs them to is an important part of the campaign
  • Goal setting – knowing exactly what the campaign is trying to achieve is vital in order to measure success
  • Monitoring – how to look at the results of the campaign and then use these results to get the best visitors for the best price, the ones that meet the campaign goals

This course is suitable for you if

  • You have tried Adwords but found yourself spending too much money
  • You have tried Adwords and don’t know if it was worthwhile or not!
  • You have never used Adwords

About the trainer

Sally provides online marketing services to clients combining Adwords and natural SEO, and uses Google Analytics extensively to monitor the results.

She has been running training courses on SEO, Adwords and Google Analytics for over 10 years.  This has included classroom courses and also more informal training for clients enabling them to take as much of the online marketing process in house as they have resources to handle and then providing ongoing support as needed.

To book your place please see the Eventbrite page here.

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