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Eastleigh Digital Arts Programme

Join the Digital Arts Programme in Eastleigh

If you’re an entrepreneur or startup developing products, services or experiences related to the digital arts, we want to hear from you!

  • We provide the space, and you provide the talent. 
  • We provide the help to win business and get out into the commercial world, you provide the creativity. 
  • We provide events and activities and you’re the amazing people who will help make Eastleigh a centre for digital arts. 

Get with the programme 

We’re looking for businesses and artists who want to collaborate, be involved in multimedia projects, and have a serious ambition to grow. We want to support people in the commercial and cultural sectors, developing innovative work using digital technology crossing over into art, film, performance and comics.

These are some of the specialisms we’re really interested in: digital art, Interactive storytelling, digital performance, concept art, digital photography, multimedia, CGI, computer animation, digital 2d animation, augmented reality, virtual reality.

Why apply?

The year-long programme will provide artists with the opportunity to get their digital arts business off the ground with:

  • Free Space

  • Sales development support

  • Grant funded project support

  • Business mentorship

  • Networking events and activities

For those involved with the digital performing arts, there will also be opportunities to work closely with the borough’s two thriving theatres, The Point and The Berry Theatre.

Applications are open to all those aged 18 and over that are working in the digital arts.

How to apply

Simply email us on dape@eastleigh.gov.uk and tell us a bit about yourself, your work and attach some examples as well as project ideas you’d like to see yourself involved with.

  • It is not necessary to have a qualification in Art, Design or Media but candidates must have completed full-time education.
  • Part-time employed adults will be considered.

The closing date for applications is 29th January.

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