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Digital arts programme finds its first group of emerging businesses to support

The Digital Arts Programme Eastleigh has now been launched, welcoming 10 new start-ups into the Tec Hub community.

As part of the year-long programme, the associates will have the opportunity to get their digital arts businesses off the ground from the specially designed drop-in workspace in Eastleigh’s town centre, all while supported by Eastleigh Borough Council’s Culture Unit.

The 10 associates, with interests in fields including video game design, digital music and visual and performance art, will receive the benefits of:

  • Free workspace
  • Dedicated mentorship
  • Business advice
  • Being part of a vibrant collaborative atmosphere
  • Opportunities to pitch for “live” work opportunities

They will also have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Culture Unit’s other creative hubs; The Point, The Berry Theatre and The Sorting Office.

The new associates are:

  • Ben Cooper, co-founder of indie games studio Rounded Squarish, has a particular interest in 2D games, having created Print Jam, currently available in the Google Play store, as well as developing the table-top card game Ruddy Vikings.
  • Also hoping to further his career in both digital and analogue game development is Adam Carter-Groves, most notably the creator of Slye’s Lost Words, a self-generating word search game used by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to teach children phrases invented by the world-famous playwright.
  • Niall Fraser, who has been involved with Tec Hub in some form since its foundation in 2014, will also be joining the programme with his mobile and tablet app development company, TinRaven, as he works alongside Eastleigh Borough Council on the Eastleigh Train transmedia storytelling project.
  • Nick Parton has been involved in the gaming industry for over a decade, working primarily as a composer of SFX and music for Megadev, an independent studio he co-founded with two others. He is now freelancing as a sound engineer, comedy screenwriter and podcaster, as well as developing a horror game, which will be seeking funding this year.
  • John Sammes is a fellow digital music composer with a particular interest in working with disadvantaged young people, having been a qualified youth worker, and currently volunteering as a tutor at Winnall Rock School.
  • With 25 years of experience working on video games, motion capture and scripting, Sam Allen of SAM Studios now provides artworks and storyboard concepts, as well as producing pieces for sale on his website, Neopop, inspired by his love of films, books, comics, TV, music and all things retro.
  • James Paddock is a contemporary artist who uses mixed media and materials found around us to record ‘cultural traits of everyday Britain’. He is also an associate artist at the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth.
  • Eugenio Carmo is an online entrepreneur and founder of web development company All Images, currently developing Artwork Videos, a website which will promote artists and their work by creating live online HD videos.
  • Finally, Simon Morice and David Willox are the duo behind icm Reporting, taking advantage of Simon’s wealth of experience with the BBC and other broadcasters to provide video marketing solutions with an emphasis on the story behind the product.
  • DAPE also welcomes its first international affiliate. Born in Venezuela, and currently living in Portugal, performance artist Daniel Pinheiro will contribute to the programme by bringing in a European perspective. He is fascinated by the intersection of humans and technology, focusing mainly on experiments with video and has showcased his work at numerous festivals across Europe.

Speaking at the first meeting with the new associates, Eastleigh Borough Council’s Head of Culture, Dr Cheryl Butler said:

“We want to provide an atmosphere here that buzzes with collaboration between the associates, both on their projects, as well as those that we will be working on with Eastleigh are other creative hubs.

“I am delighted that we have had such great interest in the associate programme from an exciting group of people and businesses, and I am looking forward to working closely with them over the next year to help them grow even further.”

Our website will be updated with further information about the associates soon, so check back for more over the next few weeks.

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