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Tec Hub members create wearable interactive map for Agincourt project

Members of Eastleigh’s Tec Hub have been commissioned to create an interactive map of Hampshire, which can be worn and provides users with historical context surrounding the battle of Agincourt.

The interactive wearable map is being created by Marcus Pullen of Blue Donut Studios, and David Overton of SplashMaps as part of Eastleigh Borough Council Culture Unit’s Road To Agincourt project in association with the national Agincourt600 charity.  It will feature an augmented reality trail that will provide information at specific points in Hampshire that hold particular relevance to the battle of Agincourt, such as where Henry V discovered a plot to overthrow him (Portchester Castle), places he stayed during the build up to the invasion of France (Bishops Waltham, Titchfield, Winchester and Southampton) and the main harbour where he kept his flagship Grace Dieu (Hamble).

Using the latest technology, areas on the map will literally “come to life” with a click of a button from a smartphone. Historical points will transform into animations before the wearer’s eyes, and tales from another age will be revealed by characters from the past.

From Medieval ship building in Hamble to The Southampton Plot, the interactive map examines life and experiences at the time of Henry V and the legacy that remains in the region some 600 years later.

The map itself is based on the John Speed map of Hampshire, and is printed on an all-weather fabric developed by SplashMaps, which is durable and can be easily washed and worn.


Marcus is responsible for the design of the map, as well as implementing the technology which will bring the augmented reality trail to life.

The technology works via an app which can be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet, and then when the user scans at a location which is featured on the map, a beacon will send videos and other interactive content to the user’s device.

Marcus believes that integrating the augmented reality trail with a physically durable map is a winning formula:

“The interactive map is a brilliant idea; nobody has done an augmented reality trail like this.

“The SplashMaps themselves are really good, and they have a lot of practical value, you can lay them on coffee tables, car bonnets, anywhere.

 “The interactive features give you plenty of historical context when you’re out and about.”

David Overton, Managing Director of SplashMaps, said:

“The project has provided the ideal opportunity for us to consider how you attach data and information to a physical map, and it’s helped us with our product development.

“Working on the project has been a lot of fun. We took the map to Bear Grylls’ survival race to test it out and ended up teaching them all about Agincourt, which was great.

“It gave us a great opportunity to interact with different people in an exciting way.”


For more information on Agincourt600 and Road to Agincourt, visit: http://agincourt600.com/ and http://www.roadtoagincourt.co.uk/

For more details about Splashmaps, visit: http://www.splash-maps.com/

For more about Blue Donut Studios, visit: http://www.bluedonutstudios.com/

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