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Ben Cooper

Ben - Rounded Squarish

Ben is the lead artist and designer for Rounded Squarish, an independent games studio co-founded with Rich Clark in 2010. As part of Rounded Squarish, he has worked on both tabletop and mobile games, including the card game Ruddy Vikings and Print Jam, available free via the Google Play store. He also headed up the GallantCloud Games team during the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, providing vital input for their gamified messaging platform, Ether.

During the Digital Arts Programme, he hopes to commence development of the next Rounded Squarish game title, Cirque de Flea, aimed for completion in mid-2017, as well as working with disabled charity MacIntyre to create an application that will aid in the creation of staff rotas.

“I have always loved 2D games and animation and working with the studio for the past six years has allowed me to develop and hone my skills in this area and work on a variety of projects.

“Recently I have been working on two projects at the studio. The first is a mobile game called Print Jam, where players must take control of their heroic inkjet printer cartridge and make their way as far through the jammed up mess of deadly stationery as possible. The other is a tabletop game called Ruddy Vikings where players take on their friends and battle to become the greatest Viking leader of all time! The studio is always open to new directions and challenges, and I am looking forward to working with the other associates taking part in the DAPE to design and create some amazing things!”

  Rounded Squarish

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